7 Wiccan Love Symbols Every Witch Should Know

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Love: if it’s not on your mind now, I can almost guarantee it will be at some point!

Like everyone else, we Wiccans long for love and acceptance in our lives. And that’s probably why spells about romance are in big demand.

While it’s unethical to use magick to force someone to love us, love spells and rituals are absolutely a part of many witchcraft traditions. But these practices are all about opening yourself up to the love the universe has to give—they’re not about coercion!

If you’re looking to bring a little more love into your own life, you’ve come to the right place. These Wiccan symbols can help create a physical representation of an emotion that’s complex, messy, and ethereal.

And we’re not just talking about romantic love either!

Familial love, friendship—these and much more are just as important as “falling in love.” And you’ll find symbols to represent them within this list too.

Love is in the air—let’s get started!


Whether you’re a Wiccan or not, there’s a good chance that a heart symbol conjures up feelings of love and romance.

Although it might feel a little clichéd at this point, incorporating hearts into your magick is still an option when it comes to love spells. While hearts can represent many kinds of love, they work best in spells about romantic love.


A circle is one long, unceasing line—and it represents both infinity and unity. Because of these associations, a circle can be an important symbol when talking about love—be it romance, friendship, or any other kind.

The circle is a physical way of displaying the deep bond that love creates. It has no beginning or end, and it unites us within its protective barrier.

Circles also symbolize the union of the Horned God and Triple Goddess—who represent the masculine and feminine aspects of the divine within Wicca. They are the ultimate source of love within our religion and provide a healthy example of cooperative, egalitarian love.


A knot is a way of binding things together, and in a similar way, love binds two humans to one another.

Knots are an essential part of a Wiccan handfasting ritual—which is a wedding ceremony that symbolically and literally binds the two lovers together.

During the ritual, both parties will clasp hands before they recite their vows. As each vow is read, a cord, ribbon, or string is tied and knotted around their hands to create a physical representation of the bond they share.

However, knots can represent all sorts of different kinds of love, not just romantic. Any time you have magick that involves strengthening the bond between people, a knot will be a powerful symbol!


There are four traditional elements within Wicca—earth, air, water, and fire. And of these four, fire has the most association with love.

This element is brimming with passion, urgency, and intensity, which makes it particularly suited for magick about young love or the physical aspects of love. Fire, like love, has the ability to consume us completely and quickly—for better or for worse.

If you’re looking to stoke the flames of passion and romance in your own relationship, try burning dark red candles to better set the mood. They will help you harness the loving power of fire!


The pentagram is a symbol found in almost every corner of Wicca and witchcraft. Although it can represent many different things depending on its context, I think that it’s one of the best symbols of love we have.

Each of the four bottom points of a pentagram represent the four elements that we touched on earlier. The top point represents Spirit, or divinity. The circle, like I mentioned before, represents the union of these five elements.

When we draw or otherwise create a pentagram, we’re expressing love and devotion to the entirety of the universe—both physical and spiritual.

This symbol isn’t about romantic love, exactly. Rather, it’s about increasing our love of humanity and the universe that gave life to us.


The athame (or ceremonial dagger) has several symbolic connections to love.

For example, within traditional Gardnerian Wicca, the athame corresponds to the element of fire, which we already established was closely tied to love. Additionally, the athame is also associated with masculinity, which gives it a rather, err…crass (but totally legitimate!) connection to physical love.

However, I believe the athame also comes in handy when dealing with the darker sides of love—break ups, rejections, and loss.

At its most basic, the athame is used to direct and manipulate spiritual energy. When it comes to love and loss, the athame can be used to symbolically cut away and cast off those painful memories and emotions. This ceremonial dagger is absolutely a symbol that can help you move on and love again.


Like the heart, swans are a popular symbol of love within Wicca and in the world at large. Just ask anyone who’s ever had a romantic outing in those delightfully corny swan-shaped paddle boats!

The link between swans and love is simple: it’s one of the primary symbols of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. In ancient art and mythology, she is frequently depicted as either riding a swan or she’s represented as a swan herself.

Additionally, doves are another popular symbol associated with this beautiful goddess of love. When performing invocations to Aphrodite be sure to include this bird imagery in your ritual.

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Want to know more about love magick and how to put these symbols into practice?

Be sure to check out Forbidden Wiccan Spells Vol. 1: Magick for Love and Power!

In it, you’ll find lots of original spells and rituals that pertain to love magick and romance. Now, these spells won’t guarantee you the spouse of your dreams, but it’s absolutely possible to bring more love and light into your life through the power of magick!

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Wherever your spiritual path takes you next, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this article and allowing us to be part of your journey.

Blessed be!



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