6 Wiccan Symbols for Good Luck Every Witch Should Know

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Good luck: we all probably want more of it, but it just seems so hard to get a hold of!

While witches can’t conjure luck on command—it’s pretty random, after all—there are ways to enhance the serendipitous moments in our lives. Luck is a special type of spiritual energy, and if there’s one thing Wiccans know how to do, it’s work with energy.

When it comes to harnessing this energy, symbols are incredibly important. They provide a physical representation of something that we can’t access with our five senses.

They are the link between the spiritual world and ours.

So, if you’re looking to bring a bit more luck into your life, symbols are a good place to start!

The following six Wiccan symbols for good luck are by no means the only ones you can use, but they are some of the most popular and powerful. By incorporating them into your spells and rituals or simply decorating your surroundings with them, you open yourself up to all the lucky, happy accidents that the universe has to offer!

Four-Leaf Clover

The four-leaf clover is a symbol that most people, witches and non-witches alike, associate with luck and fortune. And for good reason too—clover has about a .01% of having four leaves!

It’s a nice, natural bit of serendipity.

Within Wicca specifically, you can use an actual four-leaf clover or clover imagery in spells that involve either love or money. I’m sure we all wish we had a little more luck in those areas.

However, the four-leaf clover is one symbol that doesn’t even require a spell at all—simply slip one into your pocket or purse and carry around lucky vibes with you all day!

Triple Spiral

The triple spiral (also known as a triskele) is one of the oldest symbols found in Celtic art and iconography. During its history, this symbol has been used to attract and harness different kinds of spiritual energy, but it’s especially good for matters of luck.

One interpretation of the triple spiral is that each of its three branches represents one aspect of the Triple Goddess, the most important female deity within Wicca. When approached from this angle, it functions as a symbol of protective good luck. It’s a sign that the Goddess is watching over you.

(To learn more about the Triple Goddess, be sure to check out our article on Wiccan deities.)

However, we can also think of the triple spiral as representing the connection between body, mind, and spirit. When these three elements found within us are in harmony with one another, we open ourselves up to the serendipity and good fortune that the universe has to offer.


When we use a key in real life, what’s the point?

To unlock a door.

From that explanation alone, you can begin to see why keys are frequently used by Wiccans, witches, and other pagans as a symbol of luck. They represent potential opportunities waiting to be discovered.

You’ll sometimes see witches use a group of three keys as a good luck talisman. This represents finding luck in the three major areas of life—health, wealth, and love.

The Number Three

We’ve already seen the number three pop up a few times in our other symbols, and that’s because it’s one of the luckiest numbers around.

Most commonly, three is associated with wealth and material prosperity, but you can use it to attract other types of good energy. For example, in traditional Chinese culture, the number three is associated with well-liked people who are charismatic, creative, and have high self-esteem.

Try incorporating items in groups of three into your spells—three candles, three gems, etc.—to give them a little boost from the positive vibes that three provides.

Additionally, multiples of three—like six, nine, and twelve—also possess its luck-giving qualities.


The horseshoe is another symbol of luck that extends far beyond the realm of Wicca. But there are still plenty of witchy ways to incorporate it into your practice!

A horseshoe that’s hung facing up over the front door of a home is thought to provide protection to those inside. Similarly, you can use a horseshoe as a protective talisman in other contexts as well—it doesn’t have to be nailed down to something in order to work its magick.

Even if you don’t want to use an actual horseshoe, you can still use it for protective purposes. Burning a black candle with a horseshoe symbol carved into it will help to banish negativity and other bad feelings.

Five-Pointed Star

The five-pointed star shows up virtually everywhere in Wicca, and it’s a symbol with a diverse set of meanings, including luck.

As sailors once used the north star to guide their journeys across the ocean, we too can use stars as a way to guide our path in life. Using stars as part of divination spells and rituals will help you tap into that source of spiritual direction.


Within witchcraft, we often talk about the always-turning wheel of life. As we live our lives, we slowly make our journey around this wheel. And as we all know, some parts of this journey are better than others.

The wheel makes a good symbol of luck because it reminds us that bad luck isn’t permanent—the wheel is always turning, remember. Its power gives us the strength to press on to better days.

On the other hand, the wheel also helps us to appreciate those times of good luck. Just like bad luck, good luck doesn’t last forever, either. So, gratitude for the good times in life is always something we should be striving for.

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