3 Wiccan New Year’s Resolutions to Make 2019 The Best Year Possible

wiccan new years resolution
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As 2018 draws to a close, it’s natural to look forward to the new year and what possibilities it might hold.

It’s also the time of year we start thinking about those oh-so-dreaded new year’s resolutions. But when you choose goals that are meaningful to you and your life, resolutions don’t have to be a source of anxiety—they’re a source of positive growth!

And we in the world of witchcraft could learn a thing or two from those Type A go-getters who use the new year as an opportunity to be better.

Here are 3 Wiccan new year’s resolutions that will make your 2019 downright magickal!

#1: Practice Selfless Magick

Witches and non-witches alike often underestimate how much helping others can help ourselves.

The Threefold Law tells us that the energy we put into the world will return to us three times over, but there are other important reasons to practice benevolent magick (a.k.a. white magick) besides the hope of a reward.

By putting others first in our magickal practice, we reflect the divine, natural love of the universe.

Many people these days seem to doubt that humans are inherently good beings or that the world is inherently a realm of goodness. Selfless magick allows us to be examples of this natural goodness in action.

Whether you’re simply lighting a candle and saying a prayer to the Goddess for a friend in need or performing rituals to enact positive change in your community, make one of your Wiccan new year’s resolutions in 2019 an effort to direct positive energy outward into the world.

#2: Chart Your Spiritual Goals

We normally think of tracking goals as something associated with traditional new year’s resolutions—dieting, exercise, writing that novel, etc.

Goal setting is too mundane, too clinical for something as sacred as witchcraft, right?


Goal setting doesn’t have to destroy the mysterious, spiritual nature of Wicca. It’s simply a way to help you achieve what you want…which is kinda the whole point of magick in the first place!

Whether you want to become a better spell writer, memorize the meanings of Tarot cards, or anything in between, setting and tracking your spiritual goals for 2019 is a smart way to make the most of this year.

There’s nothing wrong with using an expensive planner or fancy goal tracking apps for this Wiccan new year’s resolution, but plain, old pen and paper do the trick as well!

Or why not create a section in your Book of Shadows for personal spiritual goals?

Simply write down your top-level goal, the concrete, actionable steps you can take to achieve it, and a realistic timeline for getting stuff done.

The magick of Wicca is totally compatible with the magick of productivity!

#3: Move Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Ritual magick is my bread and butter.

The rites, the symbols, the pageantry—I never feel more at home than when performing a highly ceremonial spell.

But if we want to grow as witches (and as people in general), sometimes we’ve got to step outside of that comfort zone and embrace the unfamiliar.

Is there a branch of magick that seems totally foreign and confusing to you?

2019 is the year to give it a try!

What’s the worst that can happen? Things don’t work and you find out it’s not the practice for you?

Well, that’s a win, too. You’ve still discovered something new about your spirituality, and that’s one more “what if” to cross off your list.

This is the Wiccan new year’s resolution I’ll be focusing most on in 2019, and I hope you’ll join me on this journey of self discovery too!

But regardless of how you spend the next 365 days, let’s do all we can to make 2019 the witchiest year ever!

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