Wiccan Holidays (2019 Edition)

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There are eight holidays, or Sabbats, that make up the Wiccan wheel of the year. Some have fixed dates while others don’t—which can make planning your celebrations a pain.

Not to worry, though!

In this article we’re taking a look at the 2019 dates for the eight major Wiccan holidays. You’ll find what you need to know about their timing, as well as how Wiccans generally celebrate these sacred occasions.

Let’s get started!


Every year, Imbolg falls on February 1st. In 2019, that will be on a Friday.

During this festival (which is sometimes referred to as Brigid or Brigid’s day), Wiccans celebrate the beginnings of spring. Because of this holiday’s association with the Irish goddess Brigid, many witches will perform rituals or rites in her honor.

Additionally, some Wiccans use this Sabbat to initiate new members into a coven.


In 2019, Ostara falls on Wednesday, March 20th.

Ostara is a Wiccan holiday, but many other people celebrate the occasion by another name—the spring equinox. This is one of two days in the year when sunlight and nighttime divide the day evenly.

Within Wicca, we associate this day with the Maiden manifestation of the Triple Goddess. Because of this, it’s a time for renewal and blessing magick.


Traditionally, Beltane falls on May 1st. In 2019, that day is Wednesday.

Also known as May Day, Beltane marks the period between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. In the olden days, this was a day set aside for fertility rites and other magick pertaining to new life.

Additionally, this a holiday when we honor both the feminine and masculine elements of divinity—in the form of the Lord and Lady.


This year, Litha will fall on Friday, June 21st.

Litha, or the summer solstice, is the point in the year when the sun is at its strongest—daylight is at its longest and nighttime is at its shortest.

There are a number of different ways to celebrate Litha. These include bonfires, invocations of the Horned God, and just general merriment!


Lammas always falls on August 1st. That will be a Thursday this year.

Lammas (sometimes referred to as Lughnasadh) is a holiday that traditionally marks the beginning of the harvest.

Because of its association with the earth and plant life, this is a holiday meant for personal and spiritual growth. If you’re a fan of green witchcraft or other herbal magick, this is the Sabbat for you!


In 2019, Mabon will take place on Monday, September 23rd.

Mabon is also known as the fall equinox, and it marks the second day of the year when daylight and nighttime come in equal measure. It is the second of the three harvest festivals within Wicca.

Although we Wiccans might not all be farmers, this is still an important Sabbat for cultivating appreciation and gratitude for all the things the Lord and Lady have blessed us with throughout the year.


Samhain always takes places on October 31st. For 2019, that means it falls on a Thursday.

The rest of the world may know it as Halloween, but for Wiccans, October 31st will always be Samhain. (But that’s not to say we don’t love eating all the candy we can get our hands on, too!)

Samhain is a time for honoring our ancestors and any other loved ones that may no longer be with us on the earthly plane. In cultures across the world, this is a holiday filled with rituals and spells involving the dead.

Additionally, Samhain is the time of year when the divide between our physical world and the spiritual world is the smallest. If you’re interested in divination of any kind, this is a good night to perform those kinds of spells.


This year, Yule falls on Saturday, December 21st.

Yule, or the winter solstice, gives us the longest (and usually one of the coldest) nights of the year. So it may seem strange at first to associate it with celebration.

However, it’s actually one of a witch’s most important holidays! Even though things may look cold and gloomy this time of year, it’s all part of the unending cycle of life, death, and rebirth. And even though the winter months might not be our favorite part in that cycle, we honor and respect it nonetheless.

Make 2019 a Year of Wiccan Celebration

Hopefully your planner is now up-to-date when it comes to Wiccan holidays for this year! For newcomers, eight might seem like a lot, but as you move through the course of the year, you’ll begin to see that each one plays an important role in honoring and continuing the circle of life.

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Blessed be.


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